ACRA Extras
ACRA Park Rental Prices
Pioneer Park, Mollie Joyce Park, Fiddletown Park, River Pines Park, Lyon's Park
Ball Field_________________________________________________________________________________________$75 per day ​​Lights____________________________________________________________________________________________$25 per day 
Snack Shack____________________________________________________________________$25 per hour  (plus utility fee)
Picnic Area_______________________________________________________________________________________$50 per day
Scout Hut__________________________________________________________$10 per hour /  $65 per day (plus utility fee)
Vet's Hall (hall only)_____________________________________________________________$20 per hour (plus utility fee)
Vet's Hall (kitchen & hall)_______________$40 per hour /  $250 per day includes stove and fridge (plus utility fee)
Monthly Rentals___$10 per meeting / hour (must make 4+ reservations per year & pay upfront with applciation)
Utility Fee___________________________________________________________________________________________$25 day
Cleaning Deposit______________$100 refundable (after  key is turned in and venue inspected by ACRA personnel)

Facilities Use Permit must be filled out before rental
If using Pioneer Park Keys, keys must be signed out and in​
Party Equipment
Rental Prices
Dunk Tank:
$100 per day (plus optional delivery & pick-up fee)​​
Dunk Tank Delivery & Pick-up Fee:
Outdoor Cinema Kit:
$400 per day
(Price for Outdoor Cinema Kit includes ACRA crew set-up, operation, and take down. This price does not include movie licensing.)
What is Dissemination? This is ACRA's flyer distribution program to publicize your up-coming event.​​
ACRA will distribute your fliers to more than 85 locations around Amador County for just $75! Flyers are distributed during the second and fourth week of every month. A late fee of $5 will be charged if flyers are not submitted to the ACRA office by the Wednesday prior.
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For more information: Call the ACRA office at 209-223-6349 or e-mail [email protected]